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Saturday, September, 26th  2015

Conferences (Auditorium of the cultural center)


10.00   Opening
11.30   Physiology of digestion by Josep Vallès  
12.30   Energy, awareness and wellness  by Juan Saéz
13:00   What are the chem-trails by Miguel Celades Rex


17.00   Reborn to love by Maria Luisa Becerra  
18:00   Yuen method with Cristina Horvath 

Town Hall Square


11:30 Paneurythmic dance


17.30  Tai Chi demonstration
19:30  Celtic and Irish music with Lauzeta
20:45  Utara live with Kiowa  "Native American inspiration"

Workshops (cultural centre)


11:00  The Mer-Ka-ba and its aplications by Montse Sorli
12:00  Path to the origin workshop with Raquel i Ariadna


17:00  E
nergy and consciousness workshop "Learn to touch the subtle world of energies" run by Miquel Vallès

Workshops at L'Amistat theatre


10:30  Yoga with Navraj Kaur (Porteu estoretes)
11:30  Ecstatic Dance with DJ Alcione


18:00 World dances run by Isabel Blanch

Sunday, september, 27th 2015

Conferences (Auditorium of the cultural center)


10.30       Healthy energetic nutrition by de Josep Maria Morera
11.30       "Risanando con el Corazón" with Javier Lorente
12.30       Macrobiotic, philosophy and Oriental Medicine by Loli Curto Chávez


17.00       The importance of loving oneself with Ananda Sananda
               (Alicia Sanchez Montalban and Victor Polo)
18.00       Cor batec, The self-healing with a heartbeat by d'Angels
19.00       Quantum healing for animals with de Gisela Krutzberg

Town Hall Square


11.00   Tai Chi demonstration


19:30 Alu Spear presenting his new album Mama terra
20:45 Esperit de vi is a rondalla folk Band wich will offer "La Tal·lura de les Puces 

Workshops (Cultural center)


12:00 Human design by  Quim Buïl 


 17:00  "Traditional and the modern adaptation of 
Feng-Shui" amb Loli Curto

Workshops at L'Amistat theatre


11:00  Contact dance with L'Associació Mou-lo de Lleida
12:00  Biodanza with Chevi Sevilla


Josep Vallès

Naturopath, Health educator, Lifestyle instructor. Higher technician in Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Integral Health.

Juan Sáez

Educated in healing modalities and spiritual practices such as Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics and Qui Gong., Juan Sáezda, founded Arte Zahorí in 2000; an inter- disciplinary modality/practice incorporating the knowledge gained from the various disciplines mentioned above. Juan Sáezda coined the term: “Geo-biological Sensibility” to give name to this inter-disciplinary approach which uses the body as the main instrument and focal point of perception. Juan Sáezda offers courses and participates in conferences all across Europe, The United States, Brazil, Bolivia, and Jordan. He has published two books concerning the development and cultivation of this “new sensibility”, which when applied, promotes a higher state of mind and well-being.

Cristina Horvath

Has been working as a psychologist in Las Palmas since 1980.  Christina works as a behavioral therapist with a Master´s degree from the University of Valencia, specializing in Clinical Sexology and Integral Psychotherapy. Christina´s knowledge and experience is vast and she provides simple and effective strategies and techniques to deal with the most predominant metal-health issues characterizing our modern society.  Christina´s approach is a further evolution of the “Brief Strategy” therapy applied, amongst others, by practitioners of NLP and developed and  inspired by people such as Milton Erickson, Nicholas A. Cummings and Richard Bandler.  

As a certified behavioral therapìst, Christina has participated in Masters program courses related to the psychological aspects and causes of decease and health, (especially as concerns the elder generation.) Yuan Method Mastery is a professional Kam Yuen instructor and has worked in this capacity for many years. She is also licensed to impart education in this method.

Maria Luisa Becerra

Maria Is a doula, educated in Obstetrics Psychoprophylaxis and Psychology. Marie is also a Bio-dance instructor and a Gestalt therapist. Marie is the author of the book “Born to prosper”.

Gisela Krutzberg

Gisela Krutzberg developed the method SCAVUG – Sanergy for animals, as a method of study and as a learning enabler for anyone interested in the health and well-being of their favorite pet(s). People and pets alike have benefitted enormously from the knowledge shared in these courses. The SCAVAG learning courses comprise many years of personal experience, analysis and investigation. Whether you are a dog-, cat, horse lover, or you fancy some other animal, learning this method will allow you to secure the optimal health of your four-legged friends and even enable you to work in the capacity of animal healer. 

Gisela Krutzberg is a Sanergist at heart and of vocation. Sanergy is a method of re-tuning human and animal energy templates back to the blueprint, i.e. their original designs. Once the SCAVUG method has been applied and the necessary adjustments done to re-establish harmony, tremendous improvements and evolutionary leaps in terms of consciousness expansion and the development of physic sensibilities can be achieved. 

German born and residing in Spain, Gisela Krutzberg is a BA graduate from the University of Nurnberg-Erlangen and has had a long career working at executive level for national and multinational corporations. Gisela Krutzberg has been a business owner and also worked independently as a Marketing-, Communications and Business-strategy advisor. Due to the international exposure Gisela enjoyed, the interest in Dr. Rainer Strobe Manager Training Institute increased exponentially. Gisela has been working in Spain as a licensed coach for more than 20 years.

Josep Maria Morera 

Jose is a Biologist, having specialized in Biochemical Bio-sanitation and Genetics. Jose is also a graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has done extensive research in Phytotherapy and related fields. In addition, Jose is a Qui Gong and Martial Arts practitioner and a licensed instructor at that. Aside from his work, Jose dedicates a great amount of time sharing his knowledge with the public through various publications and events.

Jose has studied in China, South Korea and the United States and is a member of “la Sociedad Profesional de Acupuntores de Cataluña (SAC). NUTRITIONAL ENERGETICS, developed by Jose, is a “dietary” approach and program based on Oriental traditions and practices and is easily applicable and adaptable to the culinary culture of our modern society.

Loli Curto Chavez

Loli has spent the past 30 years of her life studying and investigating Naturalism, Natural medicine and related Dietary protocols. Lola is deeply steeped in Eastern philosophy, but with particular focus on Feng Sui and Shiatzu. Based on the discoveries Lola made through her work and experience she has developed her own Energetics techniques and practices. According to the art of Feng Sui, the knowledge and practice of the right distribution of energy flow is paramount to optimal physical and mental health. The techniques Lola has developed and teaches allows anyone in need of “healing” to redirect the energy flow to, not only restore health, but to amplify and expand this energy to ultimately re-invent and rediscover yourself as a person and as a vortex of perpetual energy and regeneration.

Workshops and Music

Montse Sorli 

Montse is a quite well-known figure within the World of Sacred Geometry. As a Quantum therapist Montse has been educated in a wide specter of alternative therapies, including Acupuncture, Cromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reika, Reflexiology, and others. However, since discovering Sacred Geometry, Montse has dedicated most of her time to this science, uniting and consolidating the knowledge gained from other disciplines within the framework of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry as such, is applicable to everything we do and is equally important internally as it is externally;”as without, so within”, as the quote goes. Sacred Geometry affects everything in life and can be applied to cure, improve or potentiate any source of energy confined, contained in, or emanating from a specific geometrical structure. Sacred Geometry as such can be applied to change the resonance and direction of any energetic flow that may otherwise create a blockage, or fail to reach its full potential.

Quim Buïll

Quim has been a “Human Design” practitioner since 2004. Quim has studied with the very people who invented the discipline and is, apart from that, an experienced Yoga practitioner and instructor. Quim has studied various modalities within the field of personal growth. As well as being intimately versed in the Astrology of “Human Design”, Quim also has a solid footing in traditional astrology. Quim is one of the founders of the organization “Center of Education & Personal Growth, "La Cabaña “de Tarroja, where he works imparting classes in Yoga and “Human Design”, amongst others. 

“Human design” is a specific interpretation of the life of a person though the astrological chart. It is a very recent development and an innovative tool that works very different from traditional astrology. A curious fact is that the knowledge of “Human design” was actually received though a channeling session some 20 years ago. “Human design” is about creating a map that is centered in the very “vehicle” of the person in question: what talents or gifts have the person received; what are the energetic power (re)sources that “drive” the person, what kind of (self) knowledge potential is present in the vehicle/person; how does a person´s energy function and express itself in terms of the relation to the outside world. Are we dealing with a “Generator” or “Manifestor”? A “Projecter” or “Reflector”. What parts of herself does she use to make decisions? The tool is extremely useful to determine the dominant personality traits and to understand what part someone plays in a group and in society in general, aside from discovering who we really are and where we may apply ourselves to fulfill our potential. Due to the very practical nature of this method and it´s ability to quickly, efficiently and effectively generate knowledge and results, “Human Design” has seen a rapid growth and expansion across the globe.

Raquel Martínez Matas y Ariadna Gómez Obrador

Miquel Vallès

Miquel is an Artist and Art/Color-therapist, an Energetics-, Meditation, Vibrations Counselor and Coach. Through his work and life, Miquel has discovered new and genuine ways to re-align with source; tap into dormant creative energies to enter a plane of being that allows for profound transformation, self-discovery and personal fulfillment. Miquel offers courses and workshops as a way of sharing his gifts and knowledge with the world and interested parties can view the course outlines and workshops at his webpage: Miquel took up meditation and art at an early age and from the very beginning, his life and work have been dedicated to expressing, living and restoring the beauty; peace and love inherent in all creation. To connect with the subtle worlds and energies, and to re-connect with the universe, in order to transform reality and make the transcendent palpable, is the gift that Miquel wishes to impart through his courses, workshops and seminars. Miguel’s greatest pleasure is to be able to share his gifts and knowledge with the world and to enable people to attain an elevated state of being, much closer to their primordial selves and to the “heartbeat of creation.”

Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation (also referred to as "Contact" or "Contact Improv") is practiced as both a social dance form and as a concert. It is an improvised dance form practiced by two or more people who attempt to keep a physical point of contact between their bodies while moving freely without music. The dancing may be slow or fast and often involves rolling and weight-sharing; it is practiced barefoot with loose fitting clothing.It has been described as 'a hydra-headed, worldwide phenomenon: "art sport," theatrical form, educational tool, "urban folk dance," therapeutic bodywork, even awareness practice.' The central characteristic of Contact Improvisation is a focus on bodily awareness and physical reflexes rather than consciously controlled movements.One of Paxton's original collaborators, Daniel Lepkoff, comments that the “precedence of body experience first, and mindful cognition second, is an essential distinction between Contact Improvisation and other approaches to dance.” Another source affirms that the essence of Contact Improvisation is “mindfulness, sensing and collecting information.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance sessions are a space for the sacred ritual of conscious dance. Where through different styles , music wakes us all our creative and expressive potential. A place where everyone can resonate with the rhythm of life and merge with it.


Lauzeta was born out of love for the traditional music and unfolds from the catalan culture to the celtic tradition. With Nuria García on the fiddle and Joan Baró on the guitar and bouzouki, Lauzeta provides to the public songs of all time that somehow have survived until the present day. Our challenge is to keep them alive, we encourage you to come to the party, and hope wholeheartedly that you enjoy it with us!

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